Why Goblet Squat?

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A goblet squat is a great exercise to do if you're new to working out or want to improve your current squatting ability. It helps to teach good technique and depth, which are key compounds to master before progressing into a back squat or front squat.

I will often have my clients perform heavy goblet squats before they earn the right to progress onto a more complex progression. Start light, focus on your breath and form, then add more weight.

6 steps to performing a perfect goblet squat:

  1. Choose a dumbbell and start in a front goblet rack position by supporting the weight with both hands underneath. Squeeze the weight tight into your chest and pull the shoulders down and back to create upper body tension.

  2. Take a deep breath of air into the belly and squeeze the core and glutes tight.

  3. As you descend down, think about 'sitting back' by pushing the hips back first keeping the shins as vertical as possible and pushing the knees out slightly.

  4. Try and get the hip crease to go below the knee line or to 90 degrees. This point is known as 'the hole' and at no point should you breathe out or resent your breath. Your breath helps maintain tension throughout the body and is your support to getting up and out of the lift.

  5. Push through the heels, keep the chest tall, shoulders down and back and core engaged until you reach the top again. Be careful not to let the knees drag in so focus on slightly pushing them out.

  6. At the top of the lift reset the breath, squeeze and go back down into another rep.

Alex - FORM Head Personal Trainer

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