My Weight Loss Journey

Over many years of trying to lose weight, I wish I had been keeping track of my efforts, but there is no written record of my experience.

Before I started, I would sneak into the kitchen late at night and I’d eat large amounts of food in one sitting. I loved junk food, watching TV and playing games. I would sit all day long, being as lazy as possible. I didn’t want to go outside or hang out with my friends because I didn’t feel confident. I was the “fat guy.”

I started with a small goal to make one change at a time. I went from drinking soda to water and from not eating vegetables to having vegetables in every dish. I cut out energy drinks, sugar and sweet foods. I was consistent and stuck to my diet.

Then, by exercising regularly, I started losing some weight. With every diet or exercise program I tried, I learned something from new. I carried these tips with me to create a healthy lifestyle. Losing weight and living healthy gave me freedom and such deep joy. It improved my relationships. I felt so much better and more confident.

Over time I lost 70 pounds, but my weight loss journey has been so much bigger than the weight loss. For me, the key to success was one small change at a time. One step, one small change at a time, transform your life but remember nutrition is the key to this whole process!

We live one life so we should try and live it the best and healthiest we can! You can lose the weight and live a healthier life, no matter how far away you feel from that goal right now. I want to pass this message on to others. I want you to know that no matter what your starting place is, you can find freedom too. Last but not least, know what you want, know your body, and know your training.

Never underestimate yourself. If I can do this, you can too!

Nicky - FORM Personal Trainer