FORM 2020

Some of you may or may not know but our gym site is currently underway to being built!

We are so excited for you all to finally have a kick-a** place to work out!

We thought we would give you a sneak peek into what’s really going on behind the scenes to get you ready for when we open!!

So, our concept behind this gym is to make a community-based gym that pushes, motivates and creates a positive space for body confidence! We want everyone to walk into the gym and just feel like it’s their home away from home.

It’s what Alex and I have been CRAVING more than anything!

We’re not here to put down other gyms in Yangon but it’s definitely time to have a new flavour in town.

We will be having 3 main sectors to our site so, let me break it down for you here:

Personal Training

A lot of people think that a PT is someone that will come in and do the work for you or babysit you throughout your workout…?

I’m here to break that myth and say they ABSOLUTELY don’t! A Personal Trainer is someone who will push you to your full potential BUT will also make sure you are not substituting intensity for correct posture and form.

My top 3 FAQ’s I get asked:

Q: Is a Personal Trainer worth it?

A: Abso-f***inglutley! Imagine having your very own mascot to cheer you on, tell you you’re doing great, to push you to your limits and get the last drop of determination and drive out of you. That’s what a FORM PT is. Someone who is there to show you how awesome you are, and how you’re making these lifestyle and fitness changes for YOU.

Q: How long are your packages?

A: Our packages are 12 Weeks as 3 months is a great place to see changes and improvements in strength, ability and weight differences.

Q: Is there a difference between male and female workouts?

A: I have no idea where this has come from along the way but I am here to assure you that your workout is based on your ability NOT your gender! (CRAZY!)

Moving on,

Group Training

We will be launching our group training later this year. Our group training sessions are fused with lighting, sound and HARD-CORE workouts!

Either split between 30-45 minutes there is always time to sweat it out whether it’s first thing in the morning or last thing at night.

Our group workouts are a little different to any other gym here in Yangon though.


Well, we only have about 3-4 classes that are repeated each week. When designing FORM, we thought we could either have every type of class under the sun or choreograph, mould and create 4 handcrafted workouts to get the most out of our clients.

I’m going to leave the rest as a surprise as I think it’ll be more than worth it...!


Our youth fitness programmes are what we are most passionate about! From having a background in education and working with kids we know the potential we have here in Yangon to get more kids moving and living healthier lives!

I hope that helps you get a little more insight into what we are creating to be launched later this year.

Follow our journey and stay up to date with our build!


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