Dips & Sauces

Does anyone else get in a rut of eating the same meals? While simplicity can make decisions easy, repeating similar flavours over and over gets boring. To beat this pattern, it can be great to switch up a few ingredients or even cooking methods (our Magic Chicken Soup is a perfect example of this!).

However, sometimes adding a new touch to a favourite meal can completely transform the flavours and taste. An easy way to do this is with condiments like dips and sauces. Lately, my fridge at home has an empty condiment door. Store-bought items are often full of sugar, refined oils, salt, or other food additives. Processed foods like these are fine occasionally, however, the more you can eliminate them, the better for your health.

Without sacrificing flavour or the fun of eating, making these fresh homemade condiments is a simple solution that offers you more variety and control over meals and healthy choices. Scroll through the blog for inspiration, as you’ll notice we don’t leave any meal complete without a fresh sauce or topping!

Some favourite ideas:

  • Mango Chutney (great with curries, spicy food, or flatbread)

  • Tamarind Dip (adds a sweet and salty hint to proteins)

  • Pesto (use on pasta, vegetables, or as a dip)

  • Ketchup (possibilities are endless!)

  • Salsa Verde (perfect with roasted meats, potatoes, or even garlic bread!)

  • Carrot Hummus (serve with fresh vegetables or on sandwiches and wraps)

Do you have any go-to condiments? Or have you tried our recipes in a fun or exciting way?

Let us know!