Personal Training

1 : 1 Private Sessions         |          6:00am - 9:00pm Scheduling         |         7 Day Availability



The first thing we do is listen. Understanding why you’re ready to make a permanent change  is a fundamental part of us supporting you. We run you through a complete lifestyle analysis, looking at your current exercise routine, nutrition habits, daily sleep and stress management.

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Data Collection

Partnered with a Certified FORM Coach, we lead you through a variety of performance assessments designed to measure your strength, endurance and fitness ability. These assessments are created based on your goals and the information extracted serves as data to track your progress.

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Sweat & Train

The grind begins as you sweat out in our 1:1 Personal Training Studio embracing your new lifestyle. You’ll be pushing yourself, developing your  strength and consistently headed towards achieving your goal. Your Coach will support you 100% of the way, helping you develop a deeper understanding of what it takes to keep your body fit and healthy.

Forward Thinking

We’re huge believers in forward thinking, so we’ll work with you to plan ahead. We want to know what’s next after you have achieved your goal. Do you want to get more involved in group training, are you ready to take it solo or are weekly personal training sessions something you’ve enjoyed and want to continue? Whatever your next step, it has to be bigger and better, so we’ll work with you to plan ahead.