Personal Training

The Formula

1. Assessment & Understanding

The first thing we do is listen. Understanding why you want to train with us is a fundamental part of helping you progress. Once we clearly understand why, we run you through a complete lifestyle analysis, looking at your current exercise routine, nutrition habits, daily sleep, stress management and overall well being. Finally, we set goals together and plan them into our timeline.


2. Data Collection & Program Development

Using our initial assessment, we partner you with one of our Certified FORM Personal Trainers who we believe is best suited to your training requirements and goals. Once set with your Coach, they will lead you through a variety of performance assessments designed to measure your strength, endurance and fitness ability. These assessments are created based on your goals and the information extracted serves as data to track your progress throughout the next 12 weeks. 


Using all collected data your Coach begins to create you a tailored training program, accompanied with specific nutrition and lifestyle guidelines for you to follow.


3. Sweat & Train

Your 12 week grind begins as you sweat out in our 1:1 Studio, pushing yourself both mentally and physically. You’ll be smashing personal bests, advancing your technique and developing a deeper understanding of what it takes to keep your body fit and healthy. Your Coach will be with you 100% of the way, backing you and supporting you as you become fitter and stronger.  


Fresh new training programs will get implemented, progress will be tracked and goals will be smashed. You just need to give it everything you’ve got! 


4. Elevate & Grow

We’re huge believers in forward thinking, so we’ll work with you to plan ahead. We’ll ask you what’s next? Are you ready to take it solo, do you want to get more involved in group training or are weekly PT sessions something you’ve enjoyed and want to continue? Whatever your next step, it has to be bigger and better!