The Concept


REFORM is our most mentally and physically demanding class. Elevated by sound and energy, the workout fuses dynamic weight sequences with explosive bodyweight movements, specifically designed to cut and shape your body.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How intense are sessions?


A: All sessions are pre-planned to be a fast paced medium to high work intensity. Keeping the session quick firing and intense helps you to burn more calories and raises the EPOC effect (Exercise Post Oxygen Consumption). 

Classes are kept to a maximum of 10 people per class, which gives our Coaches more time to tailor the workout to your individual needs.


Q: How long are sessions?


A: REFORM is 45 minutes long.


Q: I have an injury, can I still join a class?


A: If your doctor has given you consent then absolutely! Please give your Coach a heads up before the class starts so they can tailor the session more specifically around anything you are unable to do.. If you haven’t seen your doctor, we highly suggest you speak to them before attending a session. 


Q: How early should I arrive for my class?


A: If you’re new, please arrive 20 minutes early to get the lowdown from your Coach.  Regulars should arrive 10 minutes before.


Q: What do I need to bring with me?


A: Full workout gear and clean in-door trainers.


Q: What is the difference between each of the three session types?


A: Upper body & Abs focuses on your muscles from the waist up.

Lower body & Abs focuses on your muscles from your waist down + abs.

Full body focuses on all of it!


Q: Can I change and shower afterwards?


A: Absolutely! We have fresh pressed towels and lockers you can use too.


Q: Do you serve pre and post workout snacks and shakes?

A: Yeah we do! Hit our Fuel Bar before or after your session to pre book or grab and go one of our delicious shakes. We also have ready to eat snacks!